Accelerating the transition of companies towards the adoption of AI

The Government of Quebec wants to propel Quebec companies towards the adoption of new, more efficient, more current and more competitive production methods through artificial intelligence (AI).

The opportunity:

This call for projects is aimed at all Quebec businesses and cooperatives, primarily SMEs and start-ups, wishing to carry out an innovation project for the development and commercialization of artificial intelligence technologies:

  • Maximum assistance of $350,000 per eligible partner company (including management fees)
  • Maximum assistance of $1,500,000 per project (up to 50% of eligible expenses)
  • Minimum private contributions of 25% of eligible expenses
  • Maximum cumulative government expenditure percentage: 75% of eligible project expenses
  • Maximum project duration: 2 years
  • 5% of the budget must be set aside for program management fees, collected by InnovÉÉ

As part of this call for projects, the InnovÉÉ team will support companies in collaboration with research centers in the various stages of setting up and carrying out their projects in artificial intelligence (AI), pursuing the following objectives:

  • improve the competitiveness of businesses through the adoption of AI
  • Encourage collaboration between companies of all sizes, including start-ups, and with the research and innovation community to accelerate the integration of artificial intelligence technologies into the workplace.
  • support structuring projects aimed at the mass adoption of AI in one or more sectors of the economy
  • support projects that generate significant and immediate economic benefits.
  • ensure the development and consolidation of innovation efforts in the field of AI
  • contribute to the positioning of Quebec as a leader in the development of AI

SMEs, large companies (250 employees and more) and public research centers in all sectors of activity, with an establishment in Quebec, are eligible.

Eligible projects:

  • Consortiums of Quebec companies and cooperatives made up of at least one SME or a company with high growth potential are eligible.
  • The SMEs in the consortium must :

    • be legally constituted under applicable federal or Quebec law;
    • être inscrites au Registraire des entreprises du Québec;
    • have their head office in Quebec and their employees or subcontractors working mainly in Quebec;
    • compter au Québec 250 employées et employés ou moins;
    • détenir un actif inférieur à 50 millions de dollars.
  • Collaborative product or process innovation projects involving AI are eligible, from the planning stage through to pre-commercialisation (demonstration in a real environment). The product or process may be developed by companies for organisational improvement or sales purposes. The following criteria must be met:
    • The project concerns the development of a new product or process or the significant improvement of an existing product or process.
    • The project includes the necessary level of innovation, i.e. it offers a decisive advantage over existing solutions on the market in its sector of activity, either nationally or internationally.
    • The project involves a technological and/or business risk or uncertainty for the company.
    • The project has required or will require research and development efforts.
    • Lorsque le produit ou le procédé est destiné à la vente, le projet montre un potentiel commercial.
    • Pour chaque entreprise partenaire admissible, le projet prévoit l’embauche d’au moins un stagiaire par année.
    • A minimum of 20% of the project's eligible expenses will come from a service offered by a public research centre and/or the hiring of a trainee linked to such a centre.
  • The group of companies must share the costs, benefits and intellectual property of the innovation project.
  • In addition, companies must demonstrate that their financial structure, management quality, professional and technical staff and the organisation of their production and marketing offer good prospects for improving competitiveness and profitability.

For more details, please contact us or consult ce lien.

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