Collaborative research to accelerate innovation

Each challenge represents an opportunity to innovate.

To enable companies to develop faster, smarter and more competitively, collaborative research is now a must. Collaborating with research centres gives companies access to the knowledge of highly qualified personnel and cutting-edge equipment, while reducing R&D costs and sharing risks. A winning alliance to innovate more, innovate better.


Why collaborative research?

Collaborative research projects involve the participation of at least one industrial partner working with at least one eligible public research centre.

La recherche collaborative permet :

Access and harness the collective, multi-disciplinary intelligence of the industry

To reduce the cost of R&D (economies of scale, pooling of resources, state-of-the-art equipment and infrastructure, etc.)

To reduce the risk of R&D (cost-benefit sharing)

To participate in the training of highly qualified personnel, and to facilitate the recruitment of specialised labour by industrial partners

To contribute to the development of relationships and business opportunities

Leverage effect

InnovÉÉ is at the heart of the change and plays a key role in accelerating the development and large-scale deployment of electric energy innovations. Collaborative research enables innovations to be developed faster, more efficiently and at lower cost. Our funding solutions provide up to 2:1 leverage (4:1 when combined with another funding program). By providing funding that serves as a catalyst for significant investments in innovation by other partners, we are helping to transform the energy landscape in Quebec.


Advantages for the industry:

Strengthen and sustain its competitive advantage through the development of differentiated products with high added value

Access non-dilutive and non-reimbursable financing to carry out its R&D projects

Share costs and reduce risks of R&D projects

Access to latest equipment

Access advanced expertise and specialized manpower (student recruitment potential)

Access to the collective and multidisciplinary intelligence of the sector

Develop your network, relationships and business opportunities

Benefits for the researcher:

Ensure that its work meets the needs of the stakeholder community

Accessing funding for research projects

Share the cost and reduce the risk of R&D projects

Accelerate the transfer of technology and knowledge from the university to industry

Accelerate the development of differentiated products

Enable the training of highly qualified personnel

Develop your network and relationships

Offer motivating projects to its students

Collaborative research in action!


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