This program aims to:

  • Support the implementation of international research and innovation projects among university, college, institutional and industrial stakeholders in Quebec
  • Expand and solidify high-level partnerships in research and innovation by supporting strategic international initiatives


  • Quebec non-profit organizations involved in various fields of research and development
  • Health care and educational institutions involved in various fields of research and development
  • Quebec public research institutions

Details The Ministry reserves the right to refuse any application for financial assistance from organizations that are in default on PSR-SIIRI and PSO International projects currently in progress or any application concerning a project that has already been refused twice in the past.


  • Bilateral research projects (between Quebec and a country or between Quebec and another Canadian province; maximum aid of $150,000 over three years).
  • Multilateral research projects (among Quebec and at least two countries or Canadian provinces; maximum aid of $250,000 over three years).
  • Large-scale projects (maximum aid of $1,500,000 over three years), for example, projects eligible for the European research program Horizon 2020, including the Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) program or the future Horizon Europe (2021-2027), and funding for collaborative and interdisciplinary research for high-risk projects that can have real technological and social spillover benefits, while following innovative ways of thinking. The Ministry reserves the right to refuse certain projects under the Horizon 2020 program that are not of the necessary scope, such as obtaining Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions fellowships.


Veuillez contacter si vous avez un projet correspondant aux critéres



The Ministry’s financial assistance will take the form of a non-repayable, non-recurring contribution of up to 50% of eligible expenses on the Quebec side, up to a maximum of $1.5 million over three years per project.

In general, the financial assistance granted varies according to the type of project and does not exceed 50% of the eligible expenses associated with carrying out all of the activities on the Quebec side. The financial package may include a maximum of 80% public assistance from the various levels of government, with the exception of social innovation projects, for which the total may reach 100% of eligible expenses. A minimum cash contribution of 20% of anticipated expenses on the Quebec side is required from the Quebec stakeholder community, with the exception of social innovation projects, for which the contribution is not required. However, in lieu of making a contribution toward a social innovation project, the Quebec stakeholder community must provide a detailed letter of support highlighting the fit between the institution’s needs and the expected results of the research project (technology or process developed) that will address the institution’s problems.

Financial assistance granted under the PSO-International program cannot be combined with a contribution from another program of the Ministry. Thus, Mitacs internship units already co-funded by the Ministry cannot be co-funded in the financial package.

For more details, see the Application Guide.


Read the Application Guide to complete the application form and appendices correctly. All applications must be written in French, signed by an official duly authorized by the organization by resolution of the board of directors or signed by one of the directors clearly identified by the Registraire des entreprises du Québec, and sent in electronic format to the following address:

The signed original of the application must also be sent by mail to:

Catherine Richard
Program Advisor
Component 2: Support for International Collaborative Research Projects
Direction des partenariats et des programmes canadiens et internationaux
Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation
South Tower, 4th floor
380 Saint-Antoine Street West
Montréal, Quebec H2Y 3X7

An application will be deemed inadmissible if the form is incomplete or unsigned, or if any of the required documents are missing or incomplete at the time of submitting the application.

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