Transport Electrification

Examples of fields of application

Integrated hybrid & electric drivetrains

Batteries and Energy Management Systems (EMS)

Energy storage (batteries, flywheel, H2, etc)

Fuel cells

Power electronics (chargers, inverters, etc.)

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC)

Charging infrastructure

Charging network management systems


Energy efficiency (weight reduction, aerodynamics, route optimization
and sizing of the charging infrastructure)

Recycling and recovery of critical materials

*Any other type of project related to electric transportation can be validated with our team

Project example

Intelligent Charging Management to Contribute to the Electrification of School Buses

The project partners, Institut du véhicule innovant, Hydro-Québec, Autobus Laval and Compagnie électrique Lion, worked together to develop an intelligent charging system that prioritizes vehicle charging according to the routes logistic while optimizing its power demand.


Transport, distribution, storage, and optimised use of electrical energy

Examples of fields of application

Smart grids (Artificial Intelligence)

Conversion technologies

Distributed energy

Securing the electricity supply

Large scale conversion and storage of electrical energy

Integration of renewable energies

Efficient and intelligent use of electrical energy in buildings

Recycling and recovery of critical materials

Data transfer, security, societal impact and the circular economy in relation to our sectors are also among the research areas supported by InnovÉÉ.

*Any other type of project related to intelligent transportation can be validated with our team.

Project example

Rely on AI to Facilitate the Integration of Local and Decentralized Renewable Energy

Université Laval and McGill University are leading two collaborative projects involving Hydro-Québec, Opal-RT and Vizimax (McGill University project). The technologies developed as part of these projects will facilitate the integration of locally produced and decentralized renewable energy into the Hydro-Québec grid, relying on artificial intelligence. This additional capacity is essential to achieve the government's objectives of electrifying the economy and to meet its GHG emission targets.


Electric energy production

Examples of fields of application

Hydro, solar, wind and other renewables

Green hydrogen

Energy solutions for specific communities (northern climate, remote areas)

Decentralized, distributed production

*Any other type of project related to the production of electrical energy can be validated with our team

Project example

Reducing the Cost of Solar Panel Components Through the Use of Innovative Materials - PEELER Project

STACE and Umicore NV/SA are collaborating with the University of Sherbrooke to develop a unique industrial process, more ecological, less energy-consuming who allows the recycling of the Germanium substrate. This new technology will significantly reduce the high cost of substrates for high efficiency solar cells through the use of innovative nanomaterials.


Smart Transportation

Examples of fields of application

Autonomous and connected driving (Artificial Intelligence)

Transport management, geolocation, and navigation

Intelligent road infrastructure

Advanced Driver-Assistance System (ADAS)

V2X (sensors installed on the vehicle)

Data management and analysis (predictive maintenance, security transfer)


*Any other type of project related to intelligent transportation can be validated with our team

Project example

An Intelligent Tractor in Response to Labour Shortages in the Agricultural Industry

Resulting from the collaboration between IVI and Elmec, a new concept of autonomous electrically powered agricultural robot has been developed in Quebec. The tractor moves without the assistance of an operator and drives itself to a mobile recharging unit, refuels and returns to work. A prototype was tested in a real environment and was conclusive. The robot tractor units will be assembled in Elmec's new plant in Trois-Rivières.

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