General Questions

A project is said to be "collaborative" when it involves a partnership between private sector and academic actors interested in the same problem, with the aim of solving a technical challenge and/or developing a new product or service. These projects involve companies, universities, college technology transfer centres (CCTT), and other public research centres recognised by the MEIE such as the NRC. The goal is to accelerate the innovation and commercialisation of new solutions by pooling expertise and research infrastructure, and sharing the associated costs and risks.

Establish the partnership, design the project, negotiate private funding and complete it by applying to InnovÉÉ, NSERC and other sources of public funding, develop the concept/prototype, collect the data, analyze the data, produce the results (to be transcribed in the project reports), take stock of the project, and then transfer the intellectual property and know-how to the companies for them to pursue commercialization.

InnovÉÉ supports the development and funding of collaborative projects relating to the electricity industry, smart grids, transportation electrification, autonomous vehicles and intelligent vehicles by pooling the expertise and resources of industrial partners and research institutions.

InnovÉÉ has defined lines of research, which are available on our website on the “Mission and Objectives” page. Other research topics are also possible. Please contact us to confirm the eligibility of your research topic.

Yes, see our page projets financés

To access grants, you must submit an application during one of InnovÉÉ’s calls for projects. Please check our website for the date of the next call for projects, and contact us for the latest version of the application form.

Project Partners

All projects must involve at least one company carrying out R&D and/or production activities in Quebec. There are no conditions related to the number of employees, revenues or number of years in business.

A foreign company can participate as a second partner in the project.

Voici les conditions du MEIE entourant la participation d’Hydro-Québec à un projet financé par InnovÉÉ :

  • At least one Quebec company other than Hydro-Québec must be involved in the project.
  • The other Quebec company must derive significant benefits from the partnership, including an equitable sharing of the intellectual property.
  • To be eligible, projects involving Hydro-Québec must be “structuring” and aim to “solve problems of strategic importance to Quebec.”
  • Projects with spillover benefits that will mainly allow for the continuous improvement of Hydro-Québec’s operations are not eligible.

Yes. Please contact us if you are uncertain as to the eligibility of your research partner.

No. InnovÉÉ only funds research activities carried out in Quebec. However, in some cases, the funded research centre may subcontract work to companies or researchers in Quebec or elsewhere (see below).

No. Once your project is approved for funding, InnovÉÉ will ask you to become a member.

Of course! Make an appeal our advisors in advance!

Three (3) years.

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