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As part of the Program to support industrial innovations in the transition toward a circular economy, InnovÉÉ is launching a call for projects to support industrial feasibility studies and the planning of innovative circular economy projects.

  • Maximum assistance: $100,000, up to 50% of eligible expenses
  • Private contributions: minimum of 30% of eligible expenses
  • Taux de cumul des dépenses gouvernementales : maximum 70 % des dépenses admissibles
  • Maximum study duration: 12 months
  • 5% of the budget must be set aside for program management fees, collected by InnovÉÉ

Closing date = January 10, 2024

  • Identify innovative circular economy initiatives at the scale of an industrial sector, a business sector, a territory or a community, in order to promote structuring projects in Quebec;
  • Encourage partnerships and collaboration between industry players, businesses, public and private organizations, and local communities to create synergies and optimize the achievement of concrete results during project implementation;
  • Favoriser la réalisation d'activités préalables à la concrétisation d'investissements contribuant à l'économie circulaire
  • Benefit the development of several companies in the same or related sectors;
  • Be of a one-time nature;
  • Promote alliances, partnerships and networking across an industry, sector, territory or value chain;
  • Promote the development of the circular economy

Studies can take several forms, such as:

  • A study on the technological, commercial or competitive positioning of a sector related to the circular economy;
  • A study or analysis aimed at solving a problem, issue or need common to several companies in the same or related sectors;
  • A technico-economic feasibility study or a study to identify technologies that would promote industrial synergies;
  • A study to develop deployment strategies, or to obtain strategic data on the scale of an industry, sector, territory or value chain in order to support their transition to a circular economy.
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