Chargement Évènements

3 novembre 2020

The Path to the digitized future of the 20th century utility
Customer demand, emerging renewable energy production, and energy storage are a few major developments driving electric utilities to evaluate the opportunities and challenges associated with these new energy sources, and how their existing infrastructure may need to transform. Such evaluations are causing decision-makers at utilities to consider automating and digitalizing their utility communications networks.

Utility information and communications technology (ICT) market indicators signify that electric utilities must come to terms with the necessity to build robust and intelligent networks supported by smarter infrastructures. The investment in digital assets is paramount, and C-level executives are continuing to realize that now is the time to allocate resources to transform their core utility business.

The UTC Cross-Border Power Grid 4.0 Digitalization Forum will be the premier global venue to discuss these issues. This event will bring together the CEOS, CISOs, ClOs, and the full slate of utility C-suite officials and their teams for a three-day foray into these issues.

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